Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

It can take up to 250 hours to plan a wedding. Tale of Two Wedding Coordination can help make the planning process easier! Here’s how we can help:

On Budget

Hiring a Wedding Coordinator is an investment that will save you money and will allow you to have your dream wedding while staying within your budget.

Time Management

We provide you a Wedding Planning Checklist to keep you on track and we develop a Day-Of Timeline specific to your special day.


As a Wedding Coordinator, we wear many hats, so you don’t have to.  This allows you to enjoy your special day stress-free.

Emergency Kit

We always bring along our fully equipped Emergency Kit which will solve any issue that may arise on your special day. 


We are here to answer any questions you may have through our knowledge and the resources available to us as a Certified Wedding Coordinator.

We Work For You

As a Certified Wedding Coordinator, we must abide by a standard Code of Ethics.


Do you need to hire a Wedding Coordinator?

1. Would you prefer to enjoy your wedding day, not work on your wedding day?
2. Are you too busy and/or overwhelmed to properly plan your wedding?
3. Are you planning your wedding from a distance?
4. Would you like your wedding to be planned to perfection by a professional?

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